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Our K-12 Music Program: Here's all you need to know...

Root To Wings is very happy to introduce Project K12, where each interested & passionate musical minds starting from class I (One) to XII will be nurtured, trained under the guidance of not only experienced but well musically educated teachers in their respective schools. We provide experienced teachers to train the students in their respective schools along with the instruments in which the students show their interest. Students will be taught following the Trinity Syllabus which includes Practical Lessons, Theory Lessons, Monthly Assessments, Recitals, Studio Session, Practical & Internal Assessment (Once a year), Theory Internal Assessment (Once a year) followed by Grade Examination /Trinity Examination. The school’s affiliated with PROJECT K12 get to introduce their students in various platforms.

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    Classes we provide under project K12

    Western Vocals
    Indian Vocals
    Fine Arts

    Why our program is the best for you...

    Music is considered important in the national education policy of India 2020 for several reasons. It helps in fostering creativity, emotional expression, and cognitive development among students. Additionally, music education contributes to a well-rounded education by enhancing cultural awareness and promoting teamwork and discipline. The inclusion of music in schools aligns with the broader goal of providing a holistic and comprehensive learning experience for students, nurturing their overall growth and development.

    Join along with these schools to be a part of our k-12 program

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    Springdale Nursery School
    St. Charles Public School

    Here's what we offer in our program

    Weekly Lessons
    Home Work
    Fortnightly Card
    Grade Exams
    Stage Performance
    Music Recitals
    Internal Assessment
    Hassle Free Class Environment