Piano Beginner (Group / Solo)

About the Course

  • Introduction to the piano/keyboard: Learn to identify the keys on the piano.
  • Finger exercises: Develop flexibility, strength, and coordination in both hands simultaneously.
  • Intervals: Understand the distance between two notes, enabling you to find chords and play harmonies in your favorite songs.
  • Arpeggios: Perfect coordination between right and left hand, useful for improvisation in any music genre.
  • Scales: Diatonic notes form scales, essential for creating melodies; crucial for musicians to play their own music.
  • Staff Notation: Music is written on five sets of lines, known as staff lines or stave lines; universally understandable.
  • Yearly Online/Offline assessments: Improve and progress to higher grades in your musical journey.
  • Music Theory: Gain the ability to understand and communicate effectively with fellow musicians and their music.

Benefits of the Course

  • Upon completing our beginners’ course, you’ll have the skills to play, read, and write music confidently.

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