Piano Intermediate (Group / Solo)

About the Course

  • *Chord Analysis:* In a musical composition, a chord progression, informally known as chord changes, signifies a sequence of chords. Such progressions form the cornerstone of harmony in Western musical tradition, extending from the common practice era of Classical music to the 21st century.
  • *Binary Form:* A two-part musical structure wherein the initial section modulates to the dominant or relative minor, followed by a return to the tonic in the second part.
  • *Ternary Form:* Ternary form, often denoted as ABA, embodies a symmetrical musical structure. ‘A’ introduces a musical idea, ‘B’ presents new and contrasting material, and the final ‘A’ marks a return to the familiar music heard in the piece’s opening.
  • *Cadence:* The conclusion of a musical phrase, perceived through rhythmic or melodic articulation, harmonic change, or a combination of these. In a broader context, a cadence may signify the demarcation of a half-phrase, a musical section, or an entire movement.
  • *Chromatic and Melodic Harmony:* Utilizing intervals to explore chromatic and melodic aspects of harmony.
  • *Intermediate Course Completion:* Upon finishing Grade 4 and Grade 5 of our affiliated syllabus, the intermediate courses will be concluded.


Benefits of the Course

  • Upon completing Grade 5 or the intermediate level, you will gain the ability to play scales and melodies of your choice. Our program offers numerous opportunities to nurture your talent, positioning you among proficient intermediate-level musicians.

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