Violin Advanced (Group / Solo)

About the Course

  • Practice Management:
    Face weekly challenges to accumulate specific practice hours, ensuring sustained advancement in violin proficiency.
  • Sight Reading:
    Cultivate the ability to play new pieces on the spot, enhancing your performance skills.
  • Ear Training:
    Sharpen chord and melody identification skills through attentive listening exercises.
  • Recitals and Studio Sessions:
    Participate in recitals and explore studio sessions to refine your violin performance and recording capabilities.
  • Advanced Music Theory:
    Delve into topics such as SATB voicing, Modulation, Inverted Intervals, Cadences, Dynamics, Articulation, Ornaments, and more.
  • Completion and Certification:
    Attain an advanced level by successfully completing Grade 8 examinations, securing certification from recognized institutions.


Benefits of the Course

  • Certified violinist upon completion of Grade 8.
  • Recognized certification from esteemed institutions.
  • Empowerment for success in your lifelong musical journey as a certified violin musician.

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