Violin Beginner (Group / Solo)

About the Course

  • Introduction to the Violin:
    Familiarize yourself with the violin, learning to identify its various parts and understand its basic structure.
  • Bow Control and Finger Exercises:
    Develop control and strength in your bowing hand while simultaneously working on finger exercises for dexterity.
  • Intervals and Arpeggios:
    Grasp the intervals between notes and master arpeggios for coordinated left and right-hand techniques.
  • Scales and Melodic Patterns:
    Explore diatonic scales and melodic patterns essential for creating beautiful violin melodies.
  • Sheet Music and Notation:
    Gain proficiency in reading sheet music and understanding violin notation for effective communication in the musical language.
  • Periodic Assessments:
    Engage in regular assessments, both online and offline, to monitor progress and advance through the course.
  • Music Theory Basics:
    Acquire fundamental music theory knowledge to enhance your understanding of the violin and its repertoire.


Benefits of this Course:

  • Completing our beginners’ course equips you with the skills to confidently play, read, and interpret music on the violin.

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