Violin Intermediate (Group / Solo)

About the Course

  • Chord Progressions:
    Explore chord progressions on the violin, understanding their significance in various musical genres.
  • Musical Forms:
    Dive into binary and ternary forms, recognizing their structures and applying them to enhance your musical interpretations.
  • Advanced Bowing Techniques:
    Develop advanced bowing techniques for nuanced expression and dynamic control.
  • Harmony Exploration:
    Delve into chromatic and melodic harmony, expanding your understanding of intervals and their applications.
  • Intermediate Level Completion:
    Successfully conclude Grade 4 and Grade 5, marking the completion of the intermediate courses.


Benefits of the Course

  • Upon completing Grade 5 or the intermediate level, you’ll possess the skills to play scales and melodies of your choice, positioning yourself as a proficient intermediate-level violinist.


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